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Why I think Date Nights are Important.

I wanted to start sharing bits of my life here on the blog. One question I get asked all the time when people find out that Will and I have been together for 8 years now is “When are you two getting married?!” No answer on that yet but the second question that I will be focusing on is “How do you make your relationship so solid after all these years?”

I’m no therapist, (although I do think I missed my calling for that) but I can give you some advice that has made us last together thus far. Here are my top three tips.

First off is communication. Without this, I personally think a relationship can’t last. We can’t read each other minds and sometimes body language doesn’t translate well. It is key that we speak to one another about how we are feeling or have an option on something. Trust me, I can’t even tell you how many times I would be mad/sad about something and decided to bottle it up, it gets you nowhere.

Second would be to spend time with each other outside of your home. The comfort of your home can make it easy to just lay in bed and watch Netflix all day. And although I love doing that, getting outside or planning a date night is great! With both of our schedules being so out of sync we don’t get to spend time outside from our home. Which is why we try to plan date nights, or if we miraculously have the same day off we usually end up in the city exploring. What we did for this occasion we ended up going to his company’s (very late) holiday party. Of course, I took this opportunity for the both of us to get dressed up and take photos together, since if you couldn’t tell by now, Will is camera shy. Therefore he likes to be the guy behind the camera.

DSC02856 DSC02857 DSC02879

Dress: Charlotte Russe     Necklace: Charlotte Russe   Shoes: BCBGeneration

edited 2ygiikguj.jpg

My last tip is humor. Humor is really what brought us together.
We enjoy laughing, making each other laugh, and having a good time.
Laughter creates happiness, and we could all use some happiness in our day to day life.
I always remember the quote from Jessica Rabbit when asked:

“Seriously what do you see in that guy?!?”
“He makes me laugh”

So remember to laugh and create happy memories.
You may break something or your day is not going well, but a little laughter can go a long way.
I hope you enjoyed this more personal blog post infused with an outfit look.

Let me know if there are any more topics you would like me to discuss.




  • Sheyla

    I love the dress! You look so cute!


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