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Summer Picnic in Crissy Field

Gabriela (@fashionablesf) hosted a blogger picnic at Crissy Field. I love this idea for a picnic right in the middle of summer. But of course, being that we are in San Francisco means we have foggy summers, or “Fogust” to be exact. Depending on where you are in the city if you are by the Mission District good chance you will get some sun. But if you are by the Golden Gate Bridge like we were, chances are that Karl the Fog is going to roll in. And he did, lol. Overall the weather wasn’t that bad, I thought it was good for photos. The only downfall was that Karl was blocking the view of the Golden Gate Bridge! I plan on going back around September when SF decides to have their Summer season.


The whole picnic set was all done by Gabriela! She outdid herself! She had a travel size coffee dispenser, cream, and sugar. Pre-made mimosas ready to pour. An assortment of pastries, fruit, and wraps. Cute flowers for decoration and of course some Rosé!                                  


I’m so happy to attend these blogger meetups, especially in the Bay Area. I love interacting and meeting new people, especially when we have similar interests. Meet up are great because we all get an insight of what we are doing with our blog/social media and are able to give tips and help each other. It is all about empowering others <3 We ladies gotta stick together.


Every time I think of a picnic set I picture a Pin-Up girl, which is why I had that “Pin-Up” vibe look going on. Also because I feel that when I channel this style, I have this confidence I don’t always have in my everyday life. I am incorporating this look more into my everyday style, hopefully, I can film a makeup tutorial or hair tutorial on this look soon.

Shop the look here:


Group Photos by: Keith Bodziak 
Outfit Photos: Carlos Peña

Gabriela: @fashionablesf
Marynel: @pineapplecurls
Khailey: @khaileypena
Maya: @maya.krupa
Alyssa: @reviveyourwild
Mari: @ideiasnamala
Jenny: @jennisssy

Also, don’t forget to check out the video from that day

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