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Fashion Pin-Up Style

Why I love Pin-Up fashion.

I have always loved Pin-Up fashion since I was little. Most of my fascination with Pin-Up fashion had to do with watching “Grease” a million times. Something about the fashion during that era always drew my eye. The dresses, shoes, and accessories just have a classic look that in my opinion, will never go out of style.

Within the past 3 years, I have been investing in more Pin-Up style pieces. Easily, fit and flare dresses are my favorite because of the fit and how easy you can dress it up or keep it casual. The fit and flare style also works with any body type. Whether you are on the slimmer side or rocking your curves, these dresses make everyone look like a bombshell. Along with getting into the Pin-Up fashion, you can’t forget about hair and makeup! An easy style that I learned when learning about Pin-Up hairstyles was the Victory Roll. With lots of practice, you can nail this look easily! Watch the tutorial here!

A classic Pin-Up makeup look always includes a winged eyeliner! After a lot of practice, I have mastered my signature wing eyeliner look. Now I can do it in the car or on the train! Click here for some of my past makeup tutorials where I include my wing liner. My go-to eyeliner product is Kat Von D’s Tattoo Liner.


My Favorite Pin-up/Vintage Brands

I started discovering more there are actual brands that focus on pin-up/vintage fashion! Because sometimes thrift shopping for vintage clothing is tough when you can’t find your size and it can get expensive. Brands like Modcloth, Unique Vintage, Voodoo Vixen, Grace Karin, Ixia, and Hearts & Roses are some of my favorites. You can now shop some of my favorite looks below!

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  • palettepop

    You and your dress are simply gorgeous! ❤️

  • krizzianavarroza

    I love this post, your outfit is fabulous 🙂 Would be nice if you can visit my site for more fashion and beauty ideas. Have a good day 🙂


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