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SF Finds: Coffee at Saint Frank

No matter how many times I visit San Francisco, I always find new places I have never been to before. On this trip, my friend Zoha from invited a few bloggers gals to meet up for a coffee date. We met at Saint Franks Coffee in the Russian Hill District.

I’m always on the lookout for coffee shops that are great to get work done in and also Instagram worthy. Saint Franks has both. They have large windows that bring in natural light (great for photos) Clean minimalistic decor giving it a light and airy aesthetic. I ended up trying one of the seasonal lattes, while the other gals got a vanilla latte or an iced coffee. If you do plan on stopping by and want good seating, get here early on the weekends. It gets busy quick! We were lucky enough to get some seating outside but we were hoping for indoor seating.

Most events Zoha puts together usually always have a theme, this time it was plaid. I usually, don’t gravitate towards plaid patterns clothing items but I had this plaid shirt dress in my closet that fit perfectly with the theme. Since it was pretty warm still during this time of year I opted out for tights but depending where you live layer up accordingly. Below are some outfit ideas that are similar to what we are wearing above.



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