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What does International Women’s Day mean to me?

So, what does International Women’s Day/Women’s History Month mean to me? Well, I have more of a connection as a get older. I see the struggles that past Women had to go through in order for us now, in the present to have the opportunities we have. Also, I see that now more than ever Women are supporting each other and less of trying to tear each other down. I’m so fortunate to have amazing Women in my life that I get to call friends that are strong, fierce, and beautiful.

Women Features here: Elisabeth, Lia, Gennifer, Kara, and Justina

Back in February, Kara from Whimsy Soul asked a few of our blogger gals and me if we wanted to shoot something for International Women’s Day. It would be about body positivity and girl power. In a heartbeat, I said yes! I wrote a blog post last year about my struggles with loving my body/my body image issues (you can read it here) I still struggle with loving and accepting my body right now as it is. But I’m working on having a positive mindset and giving my body love instead of shame.

Regardless of how I have been feeling, I was still excited for this shoot. I arrived at the studio and we all threw on the same red dress from Target. Just being around this group of powerful, strong-minded, and empowering women made me feel less insecure with my issues. I was able to just let myself have fun! We played music and I had a blast dancing, smiling, and genuinely having fun with my girls.

I love the above shots! I feel like we should be in a dove commercial! What do you think!

One thing is for sure is that I’m glad I have such strong females in my life. And as time goes on we will be louder, stronger, and will make history! I mean it is already happening, I am proud to be a woman of color. Who are some of your females that you look up to?

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