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Step by Step Skin Care Routine

I am finally sharing my step by step skin care routine all from the tools and specific skincare brands I use. The closer I am approaching turning 30, the more I am investing in the biggest part of my body… my skin. Usually, I switch products out as I use them up but there are a few items that I have been repurchasing since I see it makes my skin feel and look healthy.


First Step: Cleansing

When I wake up in the morning, the first thing I do is cleanse my face. I have been using this cream cleanser from Burt’s Bees. What I really like about this product is that its a cream cleanser. I love the feeling of this product lathering up on my face and it has Chamomille and menthol so when I’m done washing my face, it feels so refreshing.

Step Two: Facial Toner

Did you know Trader Joe’s have skin care products? I didn’t until I watched a few video reviews on Youtube. I finally got to try them out for a few months and my skin loves it! The Rose Water Facial Toner is great after cleansing my face because the rose water mist is cooling on my skin.


Step Three: Facial Oil & Jade Roller

The next step I usually skip in the morning depending how much time I have, but if I have a few minutes to pamper myself, I love using the Rose Facial Oil, also again from Trader Joe’s. Surprisingly this facial oil does not leave my face feeling oily. It gives my skin the extra hydration since my skin is more on the dryer side. Once I apply the product I work it into my skin using a Jade roller. The one I have is from Herbivore. Using the larger side for my cheeks and forehead, and the smaller side for my under eye and more delicate areas on my face. The best way to use this is by using the roller from the center and moving outward.

Step Four: Eye Cream

I have only been really consistent with using eye cream after turning 25 and it is a game changer. My favorite one I have been using for the last two years is the Coffee Bean Caffeine Eye Cream from 100% Pure. This product is great for depuffing my eyes and reducing dark circles. In the morning this product makes me feel and look more awake!.


Step Five: Moisturizer

Moisturizer is a very important step in my skin care. I have combination skin but it leans more on the drier side. So I  use two different moisturizers. The first one is a hydrating serum from Perfectly Posh. I usually use this at night and notice the next morning my skin feeling very hydrated. The next moisturizer has been my favorite and I have been using it more over a year now. It is the Fresh Youth Preserve Face Cream. This product helps minimizes early fine lines and as I get into my late 20’s I have been really trying to present that now than later. This product is light but give my dry skin the moisture it needs and wears great underneath my makeup.


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