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Inside Look at the Glossier Pop-Up Shop in San Francisco

Want an inside look at the Glossier Pop-Up Shop in San Francisco? This “insta-worthy” pop-up shop is where skincare/makeup junkies will want to stay and never leave.

Back in March the ever popular skincare/makeup brand Glossier partnered up with a local San Francisco sandwich shop to create a limited time pop-up shop where customers can test and purchase Glossier products while enjoying some of the best selling sandwiches that Rhea’s Cafe offers.

Some background info:
Rhea’s Cafe is a local San Francisco sandwich shop. They are known for their famous Buttermilk Fried Chicken Sandwich. Normally they have over 10 different specialty sandwiches. For this special Pop-up, they offer their “greatest hits” sandwiches. I recommend the Chicken Katsu Sandwich. Rhea’s Cafe is located in the Mission district near the Dogpatch neighborhood.

Glossier is a New York-based makeup/skincare brand. They first started off with only four skincare products and has since expanded to carry a wide variety of makeup and skincare products. With their unique and marketable packaging, it is no surprise why this brand is blowing up.

I was so excited when I heard that Glossier and Rhea’s Cafe partnered up for this delightful limited time San Francisco pop-up shop experience! (The Glossier Pop-Up Shop is open until April 15th, 2018) My office was just two blocks away from the cafe. When they first opened up it was all that everyone was talking about.  My team decided to do a team lunch there to see for ourselves what all the hype was about.

If you plan on visiting the pop-up shop during the weekend, make sure you get there early before they open! Lines do get long and at times near impossible to get in. If you can, I’d recommend visiting the cafe during a weekday.  You will have a better chance at securing seats and more desirable opportunities to snap good pictures without the large crowds. We went on a Friday around noon and it was still pretty crowded.  We got our delicious food and found some seating at the bar.

The entire interior had an extreme Glossier makeover! From the cute oval mirrors with positive quotes to the shiny silverware that were attached to tables for decorative purposes at the bar to the beautiful pastel floral arrangements, all this attention to detail made this place insta-worthy. The rest of the pop-up shop had Glossier products generously displayed and you were encouraged to play or test them out at your own leisure. If you are lucky to be seated at the bar, the products will be presented to you in cute wine glasses. The whole cafe definitely felt like a candy shop but for makeup and skin care.


After we enjoyed the scrumptious sandwiches, we started playing with all the products. Now that I’m in my late 20’s (AHHHH), I am more interested in skincare. I have been wanting to invest in good quality skincare products and Glossier offered up some great options. My colleagues got the Lidstar Eyeshadows and the Haloscope Highlighter. I chose to go with the Balm Dotcom in Rose, the Super Glow Serum, and the Boy Brow (one of their most raved about products).

Between the crowd of visitors and product displays, for being in limited space, the Glossier team were super efficient. They had POS( Point of Sales) on their iPhones which allowed them to quickly complete orders. They call out your name when your is purchase ready, write your name on the bag, and before you know it you are all set! I checked out my newest purchase and noticed that Glossier surprised me with additional three free sampled size products!  The sample products were their Glossier branded Priming Moisturizer, Milky Jelly Cleanser, and Perfume.

Watch this video on YouTube.

Will you be stopping by the Pop-up shop before it is gone?


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  • Alexis Renae Griggs

    I’m so sad I won’t be able to make it there before the 15th, but it looks so adorable in there. Love the photos!


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