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Galentine’s Day Picnic Ideas!

February is known as the month of love & romance, pretty much because of Valentines Day. As much as I love spending time with Will, (and we just celebrated our 9 year anniversary too!) I love spending time with my girlfriends. I’m glad to say as I’ve gotten older I have a core group of girlfriends that I’m close with, and love being able to celebrate Galentine’s Day with these girl bosses. Keep reading to see how we put our picnic together and read some of my other ideas on how to throw a picnic for your girlfriends.


When planning this, we had different places in mind, only because the Bay Area weather (especially in the winter/spring) can be moody. Meaning one day it could be cloudy, next day bright and sunny, and then raining non-stop. We kept an eye on the weather as the day approached and once we saw that it was not going to rain, it was a go! If the weather was warmer, there are some other options in the city:

-Mission Dolores Park: I love going here during the summertime, but so does the rest of the city so it can get crowded quickly especially on a sunny day.

-Golden Gate Park: I love how open this park is. Lots of shade provided because of all the trees. There are some pretty trails and afterward, you can head over to the Japanese Gardens or the Cal Academy of Science Museum.

-Crissy Field: Where we ended up at. I love the view here mainly because of the Golden Gate Bridge. Also, you can see soo many cute dogs going on walks around here.  Great open space and if you get there early like we did, it’s like you have the whole field to yourself.

We each pitched in to create this Pinterest-worthy spread! Kara brought this cute picnic basket she got from her mom. Justina brought plates and amazing gold silverware. Zoha brought some roses & other picnic items, Genn brought Mason Jars & cute baskets, and I got flowers from Trader Joe’s and the Farmer Market along with cheese and crackers because what is a picnic without cheese and crackers! For drinks, we had Rosé and Sparkling Water, (our favorite is LaCroix, yes we have an addiction lol) Here are a few more ideas on snacks and drinks you can bring:

-Alcoholic & Non-Alcoholic Drinks: If your picnic is on a Sunday you can’t go wrong with Mimosas! The last picnic I went to, our host brought a portable yet cute; jug to hold the mimosa mixture. A quick stop at Starbucks for their coffee travelers is great too especially if your picnic starts early. I always love having Sparking Apple Cider though I can drink legally. But for those you are yet of age or expecting, like our friend Genn, Sparkling Apple Cider is a great way to feel fancy drinking out of a mason jar or champagne glass.

-Fresh Veggies: I think our group just really loves cheese that we forgot about veggies! I love having a tray full of small veggies like baby carrots, celery, and sliced cucumbers because it brings a freshness to your taste pallet. Plus then I don’t feel too bad about eating all the cheese and crackers too!

-Food to Share: Because we wanted to keep it light with our snacks we didn’t get a main food dish to share. But if you have a bigger group than let’s say 8 people+; you may want to consider bringing a main dish to share. Wrap sandwiches, chopped salad, or burger sliders are just a few ideas.



* As a side note don’t forget to bring picnic blankets and towels! Especially if the park or field you are at has wet patches, thank goodness we brought extra towels with us!

As far as what to wear, having a theme is fun and easier for people to coordinate. We went with different shades of Pinks/Blush and White. We all have quite different and unique styles, so by choosing a color palette we can each dress to our own individual style but still look cohesive. I went with midi length skirt that has, wait for it… POCKETS! The top I got, I found really unique since it mimicked a button up top but was strapless and has a tie waist. When dressing for a picnic I like to think of comfort and style, trust me it CAN be done. The one thing I would have changed would have been my boots, but I like the retro vibes that the boots gave the outfit. I think all our outfits really speak to our own individual styles.


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