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My Modern Vintage Office Makeover | Before and After!

Now to say it has taken me almost year to have this room complete is an understatement lol.

For years I have been wanting to turn this room into my office/filming room. This idea was always put on the back burner due to last few years of traveling and working at an actual office for 2 years. When I started to work from home on occasion, I realized I needed a office space. It only took a global pandemic to really kick my ass into gear to really complete this room. Keep reading to see my stay at home office makeover with some before and after photos.


A little back story, when we first moved in this room was pink.. yes PINK. I hated it lol. But I knew that I could always change paint colors over time. It wasn’t till 2018 when I started working more from home that I finally put my foot down and said, “I’m gonna paint this room white!” I wanted the room to feel bright. It naturally got a lot of light but the pink color was doing it no justice. Ready for some before photos?


Granted these photos are from the MLS website so not the best photo quality and I have no actual photos of how I had this room before because it was literally a junk room and extra closet space for 6 years. 


First things first, Paint!

The first step was to paint. I was having a tough day and needed something to focus on that was not work related, so I started painting this room. I knew I wanted the room to be white so that I would be good natural lighting for filming purposes.  I started working from home more often in 2019 and knew I needed to revamp this room.

Look at how much natural light comes in!

Furniture Upgrades

Next, I knew I needed some furniture upgrades. The desk I had was okay but was not fitting with interior design style that I was going for. I recommend shopping second hand before buying brand new. Some of my favorite places to shop for second hand furniture is Goodwill and Facebook  Market.

I got my current desk on Facebook Marketplace. When I arrived to pick it up the seller had the matching dresser available. I asked how much more for the dresser and got a great deal for these matching sets! Some of my other home decor pieces are from Home Goods, Target, and Goodwill


Shop my office decor


My Capsule Closet

Since the closet in this room is really small I wanted to created a capsule closet. My plan is for each season to change it out for the clothing items I gravitate to the most. Almost reminds me of my retails days when I would wake up at 4 am to change the floor sets, except now, I have this in my own home and I don’t have to wake up crazy early. I got my closet organization set at Home Depot.



Gallery Wall

I have always wanted a gallery wall. Over the years I have picked up and saved some art pieces that speak to me, so I can create this gallery wall in my room/office. These pieces are from many different places like Home Goods, Goodwill and other small businesses. I do think my favorite piece is from Valfre with the girl sitting on the moon.



Vanity Space

My dream vanity space would be one from the 1930’s but I would definitely need a bigger space fore that, until then this corner will do. The mirror I got from Target and really ties in with this modern vintage design. But what really completes this area is the star map from Mapiful. The star map is from Will’s and I anniversary date and I got to customize it by adding a quote from one of our favorites songs.



This is still a continuous work in progress and will always change things up. But for now this is my little sanctuary to get my creative work done. Got any questions? Send me a DM on Instagram @designbybrianna

Creative POV of a modern not so average Latina Mujer ??⁣|??|??




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