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Top 2019 Memories | Design by Brianna

Last year I did a blog post sharing my top memories from the past year. I want to make this an annual blog post to kick off the new year. So lets take a look back on my top memories from 2019, because there are some good ones!


Celebrating our 10 year Anniversary.

I still can’t believe we have been together a whole decade! But hey times flies when your having fun and that is exactly our relationship in a nutshell, we have fun. We decided to celebrate by taking a weekend trip to Napa Valley. Napa Valley holds a very special place in our hearts because when we first started dating, this was our first weekend trip together as a couple for Valentine’s Day. We ate great food while I drank all the wine lol. Highlights of this trip was having a private wine tasting at Lasseter Winery, staying at our cute hotel; Olea Hotel, and eating the best salmon of my life for brunch at The Farm. Cheers to many more decades with you William, I love you.


Participated in the March DisneyBound Challenge

My first time actively participating in a DisneyBound challenge. I usually save my DisneyBound outfits for when I go to the parks but I missed being part of the Disney community. I wanted to try my best to participate in a DisneyBound challenge. Granted I didn’t complete all 31 days but I got close! It got my creative juices flowing and I had soo much fun coming up with different looks from my closet. Check out my post all DisneyBoounding

Participated in a International Women’s Day photo shoot

Kara from the blog Whimsy Soul reached out to me and some of our girl friends about doing a photo shoot to celebrate International Women’s Day. You can read more about this shoot in my blog post here. I was definitely nervous and excited to shoot these looks, but in the end I loved how they turned out.


Attend my first We All Grow Latina conference

If you want all the details about this event I have a whole blog post about why you need to attend next year, click here!
Seriously this conference changed my life! I really bonded with my Latinx Co-Founders Ruby and Alice. This conference really brought us closer. I’m attending this year and can not wait!

Visiting my best friend in Southern California

I went to Southern California on memorial day weekend to visit my best friend Ingrid. I have not seen her in almost two years so I was excited to spend some much needed quality time.


Took a road trip up the Pacific Northwest and Canada!

Will had some PTO hours he need to use by end of June, so we planned a whole Road trip up the Pacific Northwest. We visited Portland, Victoria; BC, Bellingham and Seattle. I have so many photos and video from this trip, a whole blog post will be coming soon.


I got to model in the Her Universe Fashion Show at San Diego Comic Con!

I had the honer to model once again for Hailey Jensen in the Her Universe Fashion Show. I got live out my dream of being a Disney Princess in the gown she created! Truly the photos speak for themselves. Check out more of her work here.


Attend my first D23 Convention

I have always wanted to attend a D23 convention. This special Disney conference happens every two years! This year Will and I just said “hey lets go!” I have a lot of mixed feeling about how the whole convention was, which I will be writing a whole blog post about but I’m glad I finally got to experience it. Plus then we spent three days in Disneyland. Best week ever!

Hosted my first Fashion Show

I have the amazing opportunity to Co-host a fashion show with Macy’s at Valley Fair Mall with Kara! This was like a full circle moment because Valley Fair mall is the mall I grew up shopping and also worked at for three years. We hosted their Fall Fashion show event and had a blast.


Traveled to Taiwan!

Going forward, I think Will and I will try to plan at least one international trip a year. We planned on going to Taiwan when we went to Japan back in 2017 but I’m glad we waiting to do a separate trip just for Taiwan. This trip was special because one; Will has not visited Taiwan since he was kid and two; his sister joined us on this trip. I really got to learn a lot about their culture and family history. It meant a lot to me that Will wanted to share this trip with me since him and his sister had a lot of fond memories as kids there growing up. Also drinking some of the best milk tea everyday was a win in my book.


Had the best holiday season ever

I love the holiday season but to be honest, I never enjoy it much with my family. The idea of my family coming together to celebrate this time of year is a nice thought, but my family dynamic is always hectic and crazy that it sucks the joy of the holidays sometimes.

I don’t know what happen this year on Christmas , but we had great day! The best part was when Will and I cleaned and decorated our place and had his family over and my family just accidentally joined us, it was a nice gathering of the families. My heart was soo full.

And on that note we begin a new decade! Here is to making more amazing memories!
If you have been part of the Design by Brianna familia for the past six years, I wanted to say muchas gracias for all the love and support.

Mucho Amor (Much Love) Let’s make 2020 our year!

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