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Local Designer: Theia Grazi

I’m really excited to collaborate with one of my favorite local independent designers in the Bay Area; Theia Grazi. I have had the honor of working next to the designers behind the brand by doing an internship with them. Below I am sharing some of my favorites pieces from their collection.


Pictured above is The Lilli Dress 

Theia Grazi Clothing Company is Co-Founded by Amy Wong and Anya Evfimiou. They met in Fashion school and became fast friends. They loved clothes but noticed that in the suburbs where they lived, there were lots of beautiful women wearing workout gear on an everyday basis. In 2011, they decided to do something about it. They opened their own clothing company to create a collection that allows women to be comfortable and sophisticated at the same time, even if they are going to the store or picking up their kids from school. 

Pictured above is  The Rubab Dress

All their clothing is design in Redwood City and produced in San Francisco, making this 100% Made in the USA. The clothing is usually made from bamboo cotton and stretchy fabric, making their clothing perfect for the on-the-go woman. The designs behind Theia Grazi are all about mixing shapes and prints. Most of their collections are inspired by Japanese Culture. You can find most of their clothing in local boutiques all over San Francisco. Being a small clothing business, they really love working with other small boutique businesses to help each other grow. You can also find them at many local craft fairs all over the bay area. Shop their online shop here.

Pictured above is  The Juliet Tank  and  The Leonardo Pants 

I also did a lookbook with three more looks on my Youtube channel.

Watch this video on YouTube.

*This was in collaboration with Theia Grazi. All thoughts and opinions are my own




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