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Sailor Moon ColourPop Review

She is the one, SAILOR MOON!

Sailor Moon is one of my all time favorite shows. I have been a loyal fan since I was 7 years old. Something about this anime is deeply ingrained in myself. Usagi just has a lovable captivating story arc that as an adult I love watching this anime over and over again. So when I heard that ColourPop was doing a makeup collection with Sailor Moon, I knew I was gonna be buying the entire collection. Shut up and take my money!

Photo from ColourPop’s Site

When the collection got release back in Feb. 2020, I got lucky and was able to buy the collection bundle before it sold out in a matter of minutes, happy early birthday present to myself! Two weeks later I received my purchase.

The whole Sailor Moon collection included:

  • The Pretty Guardian Palette
  • 2 lip bundles (Daylight & Moonlight)
  • 2 blush compacts (Cat’s Eye & From the Moon)
  • 2 glitter gels (Moon Prism Power & Moonlight Legend)

The entire collection was priced at $89. Honestly the pricing is not that bad, I can easily spend $90 dollars at Sephora on just 2 products. In this collection you are getting 9 products. I mainly bought this collection because I’m a huge Sailor Moon fan. For many years it was impossible to find merchandise here in the States. Anytime I see Sailor Moon products, I usually always end up buying it. #truefanforlife

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Sailor Moon x ColourPop Collection.

The Pretty Guardian Palette

Lets talk about The Pretty Guardian Palette. If you love eyeshadow palettes, then I would recommend getting this one (in my opinion the best product in the entire collection) The packaging is bright, fun and a great throwback for us that grew up watching this anime. It has a variety of 12 different eyeshadow shades. The ColourPop Shadows includes the ColourPop Super Shock Shadows, ColourPop Metallic Shadows, ColourPop Matte Shadows, and ColourPop Foiled Shadows.

Something to note about ColourPop eyeshadows is that there is usually a lot of fallout, depending on the formula. I found after playing around with this palette that the metallic shadows have the most fallout compared to their super shock shadows that had significantly less fallout. Having fallout can be a huge downside in an eyeshadow palette but everyone is different and too me it didn’t bother me too much. I also wanted to note that the cover of the eyeshadow palette is the first time I have seen it shift in a lenticular format, SOO COOL!

The only downsize to this product is that there is no mirror. As someone who is constantly on the go,  I loved when my eye shadow palettes have a mirror. It makes applying makeup way quicker.

You can definitely create some fun Sailor Moon makeup looks with the palette. Some of my favorite colors from this palette are Justice, Luna, and Silver Millennium.

Makeup look using the entire collection


ColourPop Sailor Moon Lip Bundles

In the past I have tried some of ColourPop’s Lip products. It usually it’s a or hit or miss for me, depending on the formula. These Lip Bundles come with one Ultra blotted Lip and one Ultra Glossy Lip. The Ultra Blotted Lip formula is great for every day wear, but for me, I prefer a long lasting lip that last all day. I was impressed with their Ultra Glossy Lip because the formula was not sticky at all! I’m not a glossy type girl but I would wear these.

But honestly this product is not my favorite, unless Liquid Lips and Glossy Lips are your thing. You could definitely pass these up.

Daylight Ultra Blotted Lip Kit

Moonlight Ultra Blotted Lip Kit


ColourPop Sailor Moon Blush Compacts

On the left: Cat’s Eye | One the right: From the Moon


On the bottom right hand corner you can see the lenticular outside cover with Luna

The collection includes two pressed powder blush. I love the Luna imprint on the pressed powder as well as the lenticular cover of Luna as well. Cat’s Eye is a Peachy blush that has a shimmery pearl finish. From the Moon is a matte Hot Pink blush.

As always when applying blush, always start off light handed, then work up the product to your desired shade.

ColourPop Sailor Moon Glitter Gels

Glitterally Obsessed Glitter Gels: Moon Prism Power & Moonlight Legend

Besides the main eye shadow palette, these glitter gels are the next best thing! I have never owned a product like this before. It definitely brings back many memories from my childhood playing with body glitter from bath and body works #throwback

Lets take a closer look at these glitter gels. Moonlight Legend has a pink gelly base with round sparkles, while Moon Prism Power has a purple gelly base with a mix of circle, moon and star sparkles.

The Glitterally Obsessed color Moon Prism Power I absolutely love  because it has glitter specs of stars and moons!


My Final Thoughts On the Sailor Moon ColourPop Collection

As a fan of Sailor Moon, I’m really glad I got the whole collection. The packaging was creative, fun and 100% on point.  Would I recommend this collection? Yes, but only for the the fans that love this anime. This is a fun nostalgic throwback collection for us 90’s babies. If you can only get two item from this whole collection, I would only recommend the eye shadow palette and the glitterally obsessed jellies because those are the most unique products.

What other collections or makeup brands should I review next?


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