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My Trip to BeautyCon LA

Just when I thought July would not be as hectic as the previous months, I was wrong, but in a good way! I had the opportunity to attend Beauty Con LA 2016. Last time I was at Beauty Con was back in 2014 and that trip was soo spontaneous and only lasted 48 hours! This time I got to relax a little. I will have a whole blog post about my trip since I decided to make it a road trip with my good friend Laury.

BeautyCon LA this year was at a different location than the past years. It was held at the LA Convention Center in Downtown LA. This space was much bigger, and of course, more people attended this year than the last time I came. I knew I wanted to stand out amongst all the beauty creators that were attending, so Laury and I rocked a pinup style look for the event.


This dress is from the closet of my dear friend Meileena from Muse Meileena She was kind enough to let me borrow the dress for this event! I absolutely fell in love with the colors and the print of the dress. Of course, it is from of my favorite lines; Hearts and Roses UK.


I got to take some great selfies with a ring light at one of the booths had set up! I need a ring light like ASAP! lol


I also ran into two of my favorite Beauty/Fashion Youtubers!
Rosalie from Rosaliesaysrawr and Karen from IAMKARENO

And of course, I finally got to meet fellow bay area content creator Rosa from BriarRose91 and her Friend Brianna from Basicallybri123 definitely got check out both the channels!

IMG_7042 2
Laury and I before the event. I did both of our makeup looks. I am thinking about doing a tutorial on this look, is this something you would enjoy watching or a blog post about?