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30 Hours In Los Angeles! | Things To Do and See!


So we had 30 hours in Los Angeles; how do we get the most content in such little time? I’ll walk you through our itinerary along with some tips when you have limited time to get that content. This is ideal if you have a layover and want to go explore Los Angeles, instead of being stuck at LAX.

Instagramable Spots in Los Angeles! 30 Hour Trip! | Design by Brianna
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How did we end up in Los Angeles?

So a little backstory about why we decided to visit Los Angeles for less than 30 hours. Back in October; Alaska Airlines had a great flight deal to go to Los Angeles. Genn from Gennifer Rose  and Kara from Whimsy Soul hit me up and said lets go for a quick trip to get some Los Angeles content for our blogs. We purchased our tickets we were set! Now the only thing we needed to figure out was…. what part of LA did we want to check out? That is when Genn and Kara thought up the genius idea to visit all the filming locations from the TV show “The Office” (big Office fans over here btw)  Genn and Kara did all the research so you should check out their blog posts with all the details if you want to plan your own mini “The Office” tour.

Okay lets break down our first day in LA.

Itinerary Day 1:

7:30 am- Land at LAX

8:15am- Get rental Car

9:00am- Sit down breakfast

11:30am- Arrive at first shooting location

11:30am-3:30pm- Got all our content for our “The Office” photos

5:00pm- Checked into our hotel

5:30pm Dinner

9:00pm- in bed

Total Hours: 13.5


We landed at LAX at 7:30am and got to the Car Rental Office by 8am; at 8:15am we hit the road to our first destination: Breakfast. We got breakfast at Aroma Cafe in Studio City since it was along the way to our first shooting location. The food here was really good, highly recommend.




By 11:30am we arrived at our first location… the ACTUAL Office building! We changed into our “The Office” Character Outfits. Kara was Dwight, Genn was 3-hole punch Jim, and I was Kelly Kappor… Business Bitch.

Blogger tip: Research exact locations ahead of time! If Genn and Kara didn’t research exact locations before we arrived, we would have wasted so much time finding the locations. Some of the location we found were not accurate but were in the area at least so we didn’t waist too much time. Definitely check out Kara post with all the exact location spots for filming location of The Office.


Then we drove all over The Valley to find other iconic Office filming spots. We found Jim and Pam’s House, Oscar’s House, The wedding venue of Jim & Pam, Poor Richards Pub, Steamtown Mall and Bob and Phyllis Vance Wedding Venue.


By 3:30pm we called it quits since we got a decent amount of content. We were tired and needed to relax a bit before we got some dinner. We drove to West Hollywood and check into our hotel for the night: The Beverly Laurel. Before unpacking we had to take some photos around the hotel. I always like to book hotels that are quirky and different. Makes a great backdrop for photos.

By 5pm we were starting to get hungry for dinner, and since we drove all day we decided to walk around the neighborhood we were staying in West Hollywood to see what was available for dinner. We got to Kassi Club restaurant right as it was opening at 5:30pm, so we got seated right away and got assortment of food and drinks because it was happy hour! The location was boho chic with their wicker lamps and warm tone hues. A little dark so for photos but I think we got the shots we wanted. Plus the food and drinks were amazing, highly recommend.


Second Day in LA

Itinerary Day 2:

7:00 am- wake up

7:45 am- Photos by the pool

9:00 am- Acia bowls for breakfast at Rawberri

1o:30am- Arrive at first shooting location

11:30am- Check out of our hotel

12:00pm- Arrive at second shooting location

12:00pm- Coffee break at The Butcher, the Baker, The Cappuccino Maker

2:00pm – Arrive at Melrose Ave.

3:00-4:00- Getting content along Melrose Ave

4:15om- Happy Hour Tacos!

4:45pm Start the drive back to LAX

6:00pm- Drive Car Back to Rental drop off

7:00pm Arrive at LAX

10:00pm- Fly back to San Francisco!

Total Hours: 15

We were awake without an alarm by 7am. We started getting ready for the day and right at 7:45am we took some photos by the pool. Don’t let the photos fool you I was freezing in my swim suit! lol but hey gotta get that content!

Blogger Tip: If you want photos by the pool with no one around in your shot, wake up early! I know it sucks getting up early in the cold, but trust me the photos are worth it, I mean check out the photos below!

We packed our outfits and headed out to get some acia bowls for breakfast. We had a long day ahead of up so we needed some fuel to keep us going! We found an acia bowl shop called Rawberri that is located in West Hollywood on Yelp. We loved the decor inside from the photos we saw and decided to check it out. Plus the food looked bright and delicious!

Blogger tip: When you have limited time, choose one main neighborhood and explore from there. Los Angeles is a great example that there are soo many neighborhoods to check out! But with traffic it makes it impossible to see all  these areas when you have limited time. Stick to one area and explore from there! This time we choose West Hollywood and we had soo much to explore!


Blogger Tip: When it come to food photos, get an assortment! Having a variation of food makes the photo more cohesive. We all got acai bowls but we all ordered a different variety to make the photo pop. We also ordered some colorful coffee and tea lattes. Also throw in some props to add texture and depth! We added some sunglasses and wicker purse to mix it up!

On our drive to Rawberri we already spotted some cute art colorful murals. After breakfast, we packed our bags, checked out of the hotel and headed out to find those colorful murals. This mural pictured below is located on La Cienega Blvd. and Oakwood Ave.

Blogger tip: Drop pin locations you want to see! As I mentioned before, we saw this mural driving to breakfast but didn’t have to to stop right there to take some photos. I made sure to snap a quick photo on my phone and it automatically made a drop pin to that exact location. We were able to quickly find this location afterwards and get the shots we wanted.


Blogger tip: If you have more than two people, have someone watch your back! This is more a safety tip but a good one! We always joke about getting to the shot for “the gram”, but it ain’t worth it if its not safe. Always have someone watch your belonging (purses and bags) and if you need to stand in the street to get the shot, stand back and watch for oncoming traffic. Teamwork makes the dream work.

By noon, we were at our next location and an outfit change. This location was a bit tricky since there was a huge truck parked on the right side (can’t see it in the photos) but we had to get creative with our angles. We successfully got some shots from this location. This colorful mural was another one we saw on our way to Rawberri, located on La Cienega Blvd and W Sherwood.



1pm hits and Kara and I were in need of a coffee break. Genn found this cute cafe called The Butcher, the Baker, The Cappuccino Maker. They are mostly known for the color-burst lattes so we ordered a round of lattes and let the caffeine refuel us.

Blogger tip: Do your research on places you want to see! Luckily Genn bookmarked some great location in West Hollywood to check out, this was one of them. Having a list of places you want to see in that neighborhood makes it easier to make the most out of the time you have.

Shop these looks:


Next we headed to Melrose Ave. One of Kara’s friends Lauren of Shoes and Sashimi (who is located in LA) met up with us to show us some other cute coffee shops and fun murals along Melrose Ave. She also gave us a lot of recommendations on this quick trip!

Blogger tip: Get recommendation from friends! You would be surprised the amount of time  after I get back from a trip that friends find out where I traveled to and THEN give me a ton on recs! So remember ask your friends on IG or FB before you leave, they always have great recs to share!


Blogger tip: Bring multiple outfits! We were only there for 30 hours but I brought at least 5 outfits. This tip also works when you are in your own town. Having different outfits you can shot in one day makes having a variety of content on hand way easier to post on your social media platforms

After taking pictures at all these fun locations we were getting hungry and wanted to give ourselves enough time to drive back to LAX. Therefore we got tacos during happy hour at Pink Tacos! Then we drove back to LAX that took close to and hour and 30 mins, traffic is no joke here. We dropped off then rental car and made it to security. Then we spent the last 1.5 hours at a restaurant in the airport exchanging photos till our flight was ready to board.

That was our crazy 30 hours in LA! If you want more blog posts about content creating or travel guides, check out more here! 

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