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15 Of My Favorite Latina/Latinx Online Shops

In the past few years many Latina/Latinx owned business have been popping up all over social media. From clothing to makeup brand, I started seeing myself in these companies, I felt represented.

For over 30 years now we celebrate Latinx/Hispanic Heritage month to show how our culture has had influenced our country (USA). The reason we celebrate from September 15th to October 15th is because the 15th marks the independence day for five Latin America countries: Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras and Nicaragua. Shortly the following countries as well: Mexico, Chile, and Belize on the 16th, 18th and 21st.

 “pays tribute to the generations of Hispanic Americans who have positively influenced and enriched our nation and society,”
– Quote from the National Hispanic Heritage Month Site

I wanted to share 15 of my favorite Latina/Latinx online shops in honor of Latinx/Hispanic Heritage month.  Some of these brands I have been shopping for years and some I just recently discovered, but overall these latinx and latina brands are ones you will want to check out.



This Texas based brand creates some of my favorite graphic shirts. I first discovered the brand at We all Grow at the mercadito shops. I instantly fell in love with their “Morena” top. It has become one of my favorites shirts and constantly get asked where it is from when I wear it.

Brianna in Jen Zeano Design Morena Tee

JZD has made a name for themselves with their popular shirt that says “Latina Power” Being worn by many Latinx celebrities including my favorite singer Fey. Their designs really caught my eye from their colors choices to their graphics prints that made me feel represented. I also recommend their cute accessories from stickers to necklaces.


Hija de tu Madre

This brand was one of the first Latinx brands I discovered on IG. What caught my eye was their necklaces that represent your home country. Being half Mexican and Salvadorian I always saw products about being Mexican, and not many about Salvadorian culture. When I saw that Hija de tu Madre had a necklace that said ” El Salvador” I had to get it. The quality of this necklace is so nice and worth the money.

HDTM has expanded their products from apparel to accessories. Some of my favorite designs are  the Bandera jackets and their Jefa hoop earrings.


Rageddy Tiff

Another brand I discovered at We All Grow. Since then I have been following them on IG and they create some of the most beautiful graphics. One of my favorite designs was their “Arriba las Mujeres” Collection.

Rageddy Tiff releases new collections thought the year. They focus mainly on apparel but they have their designs available in prints, bags, masks and stickers.

Vive Cosmetics

Recommended by my friend Ruby, I had to try Vive Cosmetics “Taco Proof” liquid lipsticks. These have become one of my favorite liquid lipsticks that literally last all day! The “Que Matte” liquid matte lipstick are the best to wear under facemasks because the color does not budge! I have a whole review about these products on the blog. Besides their staple liquid lipsticks they have an amazing highlighter/contour palette and cute makeup accessories.

La Sirena

I discovered La Sirena Shop on IG. I was in LA one weekend and saw that they were going to have a booth at the Smorgasburg LA market. I drove on over from my AirBnb and visited the booth. Once I arrived I was greeted by the founder of La Sirena Shop. She is soo sweet and we got ta chat and get to know each other! Since then La Sirena has become of my favorite Latinx shops. I love all their graphics tops! (the Selena one was the one that got my attention)

Grl Collective

Directly from their site “GRL Collective is a Latina founded lifestyle brand for grls that give a f*ck.” I could not say that any better! I first discovered the brand when I saw their “Tu Lucha Es Mi Lucha” design (created by Michelle Munoz). Since then I love all their designs and products.

Photo from Grl Collective Website


Photo from Grl Collective Website

They also donate to many groups such as Sambhali Trust, Black Lives Matter and RAICES Texas. One of their popular design is the “AOC For Prez” which is next on my wish list.

Besame Cosmetics

This LA based vintage cosmetics company makes replica lipsticks based from the 1920-1970’s. Besame Cosmetics was founded by Gabriela Hernandez in 2004 with her background as a cosmetic historian and designer, Gabriela created a makeup company that brought back the simple glamour of her grandmother’s beauty routine. You can read my whole review on Besame Cosmetics here.

The Salvaged Sawhorse

I had the please of meeting the founder of The Salvaged Sawhorse Jenn at WAG last year. We chatted about her products and also that we both suffer with frequent migraines, which let Jenn to start her company. She create affirmation cards that help with self-care and self-love.

Photo from The Salvaged Sawhorse website

Photo from The Salvaged Sawhorse website

She makes her affirmation decks in both English and Spanish and for kids as well. I love her graphics and the affirmations really speak to me.


Viva La Bonita

Viva la Bonita is another brand I discovered on IG. Based in LA, Viva la Bonita is a clothing brand that focuses on Street Style. Her brand will make you feel like a bad ass chingona.

Photo from Viva la Bonita Website

Photo from Viva la Bonita Website

Photo from Viva la Bonita Website

What I have been eyeing is new latest release of tie dye sweat suits prefect for lounging at home.


Mimster Shop

Thanks to Diana from @thedianatimes on IG I have discovered more Salvadorian based brands like Mimster Shop. Mimster Shop has all sorts accessories like pins, socks and hats! All her products represent true Salvadorian pride. from pins with pupusas to hats that say Cipota.

Photo from Mimster Shop on Etsy

Photo from Mimster Shop on Etsy

I know I will be getting some of her products during the holiday season for my mom. Really make her feel like she has a piece of her home with her.


Wasi Clothing

Wasi Clothing is a Bolivian-American based clothing company in LA. Founded by Vanessa Acosta she started Wasi Clothing after many years working in the Fashion Industry, she found it toxic and started her own company. She focuses her designs with hand selected textiles making clothing line stand out from others.

Photo from Wasi Clothing Website

Photo from Wasi Clothing Website

Photo from Wasi Clothing Website

I discovered Wasi Clothing through TikTok. Vanessa makes great content on there and not just about her brand but about the important of BIPOC representation.  I’m glad to see more Latinx brands pop up on all social media platforms, getting the well deserved spotlight!


Yo Soy AfroLatina

Yo Soy AfroLatina founded by Bianca Kathryn wanted to create a community that celebrated AfroLatinas. She made herself and many others feel seen with her brand.

Photo from Yo Soy AfroLatina

Photo from Yo Soy AfroLatina


Photo from Yo Soy AfroLatina

You can’t go wrong with one of their t-shirt, mugs or totes.

Fuchila Fresheners

Based in San Jose CA, Fuchila Fresheners makes car freshener with your favorite Latinx pop culture icons and Latinx staples. You can find everything from Conchas to Walter Mercado and Hot Cheetos. They were featured in an episode on Gentified on Netflix too!


Photo from Fuchila Fresheners Website

Photo from Fuchila Fresheners Website

Photo from Fuchila Fresheners Website

I personally have the Selena and the Calaveras fresher. After the scent fades away they still made a great addition to my car. They are also carried in many different shops all across the USA and of course you can shop on their website


Agave Girl Boutique

Agave Girl Boutique showcases Mexican Female Artisans from Jalisco. They have a range of products from handmade Bags, Accessories, Shoes and Dresses. Some of my favorite items that caught my eye are their dresses and huaraches.


I discovered Valfre back 2009 when Lookbook was a thing. She would post her outfits with her unique illustration. I have been following her work ever since. Now her brand has expanded to be a full collection on clothing, phone cases, bags, accessories and art prints.

The brand gained recognition because of her quirky phone cases. Her illustration are still quite unique and now has multiple collection from The Zodiac Signs to the Loteria.


I’m always on the look for new and upcoming Latinx Small Businesses, please send me email if you would like to be featured.

Creative POV of a modern not so average Latina Mujer ??⁣|??|??




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